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So how do convince the government to hold an open and fair fighter competition?  By contacting your Member of Parliament!

The list can be found here.

Be sure to send a copy to the Minister of Defence; Robert Nicholson at as well as Diane Finley, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services at  It would also be a good idea to cc: Jack Harris, the defence critic for the opposition NDP at, the Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray at, and the Bloc Quebecois' defence critic Jean-Fran├žois Fortin at

Also, take place in discussions about Canada's fighter purchase, whether it be with friends, family, social media, or writing a letter to your local paper.  Let your voice be heard!

How to be heard in the 21st century.

If you think I'm full of it, or wish to contribute anything to this blog, please contact me at .  I work a full time job and I'm a full-time parent, so don't expect a reply right away, but I will listen and try to reply!

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Everybody is also welcome to join in the discussions going on in the Facebook group.  We are lucky to have people, all likely smarter and more knowledgable on the subject than myself, taking part.  There's lots of news, opinion, witty conversation, and great pictures for all to see!


  1. The NATO partners should have gone with the Boeing XF-32 (F-32) and not the more complex tri- version F-35.
    Given that, the best choice available for Canada (or any nation) is the Euro Typhoon. Dassault's Rafael would ONLY make sense if Canada were to decide to purchase or build an aircraft carrier.
    Hornet is on the verge of obsolescence. Expect the USN to seek its replacement under the next Republican president.
    F-35 incorporates untested technology and too may aeronautic comprises in order to achieve very little at the expense of air superiority fighter performance. Not to mention the monetary costs of development, parts procurement, maintenance, training time and production delays.
    Given all that the biggest bang for the buck is the Saab Gripen. Not a superb choice but damn good one.

    1. Saab Gripen E outturns the Typhoon, have better range, stealth, turnarund and the only advanced tactical datalink besides f-22. The ability to take off and land at usual roads make it possible to deploy close to the battlefield for fast CAS. It can even use big carriers.
      Not superior? What´s then superior?

  2. Boeing and Saab Sign Joint Development Agreement on T-X Family of Systems Training Competition: Team to Provide a New, Purpose-built Aircraft for Offer to the US Air Force