Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spruce Moose for Canada!

Proposed CC-010413 "Spruce Moose".

Sooner or later, Canada will need an affordable and capable transport aircraft to replace the aging CC-130 Hercules and CC-117 Globemaster III cargo planes. Given Canada's ever-decreasing military budget, convoluted procurement issues, and shrinking aerospace industry; the only logical solution would be to design and build a cargo plane using one of Canada's most prevalent renewable resources:  WOOD!

The Hughes H-4 heavy cargo aircraft.

It has already been done.  Famous aviator Howard Hughes proposed an all-wood transport aircraft for use during WWII.  Since wood was not as vital to the war effort, the famous Hughes H-4 could be built easily and cheaply.  It may not have gotten far off the ground during its planning stage, but modern fly-by-wire systems and more advanced computer aided design should more than make up for any shortcomings.

Politically, a wood aircraft would make sense as well.  Not only would it be cheaper to build, but it would be far more environmentally friendly as well.  Spare parts don't need to come from a myriad of suppliers, they can simply be grown instead.  Instead of using harsh petrochemicals, construction could be accomplished with simple nails, screws, and naturally occurring tree sap as an adhesive.

The CC-010413 "Spruce Moose" would help rebuild Canada's aerospace industry, while at the same time providing an economical and environmentally sound aircraft.  We just have to make sure it gets plenty of water and keep it away from open flame.

Happy April 1st everybody!

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