Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Future Gripen concept!

Erik Gustavsson, one of the regular posters on the Gripen for Canada Facebook group posted this and was kind enough to let me share!

Easily recognizable as the Saab FS2020 Stealth Fighter Concept, Erik Gustavsson's rendering certainly helps bring the idea of a "stealthy Gripen" to life. It maintains much of the Gripen's characteristics, but in a much more evasive-to-radar package.

The concept continues on the classic "eurocanard" layout, but trades in the single vertical stabilizer for a pair of fins remarkably similar to the YF-23's.  It also boasts internal weapon storage, but forgoes the F-35's two larger bays for three smaller ones.

The concept appears to be highly based on the current Gripen design, and likely would share many components if actually built.  It would also likely try to carry on the Gripen's tradition of lower cost and and easier maintenance.

Best of all, Erik was nice enough to paint up a version sporting RCAF markings!  I think it looks great and certainly wouldn't mind seeing it flying above my house here near CFB Greenwood.  I also think it would compliment Joe Green's Super Arrow concept quite nicely, thank you.

This, eventually...
...turned into this.

I realize both this "Stealthy Gripen" and the Super Arrow are nothing more than concepts, but all aircraft start out as nothing more than a drawing on a piece of paper, napkin, or computer screen at first.  Perhaps the same goes here.


  1. Maybe I should clarify that the "Stealth Gripen" in my renderings, is based on a real concept made by SAAB and the University of Linköping (LIU). I can't take credit for the design. :-D
    I really hope that SAAB and swedish aerospace industry will survive and produce a next generation fighter after the Gripen E.

  2. Just add money and Saab will build it


  3. Great thesis Doug. Design evolution during the early phases is a natural process, and absolutely critical to balance the myriad systems requirements that are often in direct opposition with each other. It is obvious that you have to start somewhere, and I must say I'm completely impressed by these 'amateur' efforts in this age of social media. These concept sketches would have been multi-million dollar exercises in years past. Well done to you and Erik.

    See Arrow's evolution from Canuck:


  4. Good post. Saab & Dassault seem to the only companies capable of designing, manufacturing & monitoring (PLM, etc) advanced fighter jet on time, on budget & on schedule these days.

  5. Looks like a Raptor f***ed a Gripen and this came out.

    1. Then they certainly had a good looking kid!