Friday, 24 May 2013

How Saab could score huge PR points in Canada this summer.

Guess which ones won't be flying this year...
One of the most disappointing casualties of the USA's sequestration measures is its air show budget.  Not only are air shows being cancelled in America, but Canadian air shows will also miss out on seeing those impressive USAF and USN aircraft like the F-22, B-2 and C-5 Galaxy.  Perennial acrobatic favorites, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels, will also be missed.

Let Canadians have a look up close!

But the show must go on.  Canada's acrobatic team, the Snowbirds, have a busy schedule this summer, and there are still plenty of air shows happening in Canada this year.

Extra points for flying in, instead of being towed in by truck.

Lockheed will no doubt begging around touting its F-35 Lightning II. It may even go so far as to bring out an impressive looking array of simulators and possibly even truck in its full size mock up.  If Boeing wants to show off the Super Hornet, it will likely have to do it on its own dime.

Saab should take this opportunity to show off its Gripen F demonstrator. Bring it over here for Canadians to see and learn about. Bring along a C/D model for an aerial demonstration.  Start with CANSEC, and then tour across the country.  Show Canadians an aircraft that flies, instead of a model or a mock-up.

Oh...  And if they want to invite any bloggers for a ride in a Gripen, that'd be okay.


  1. I would guess that the Gripen F demo is being used for flight testing and will not leave Sweden except in rare cases, swiss eva for example. However sending some C/D over would be really good pr, (and fly the right ppl :) )


  2. You get that right... look at our royal dutch airforce.... its a disaster...and the politics isn't even better... we are back at the front of WW2 with no tanks and old air support.
    Politics want to keep holding on the JSF... a buttomless well to throw needed money in....
    Just buy the Saab Gripen NG and our problem is solved again for the next 20 years.

  3. An opportunity not to be missed.

  4. Oh yeah, good point!

    I'll take one day off to go to Paris Air show next month, but U.S hardware may be missing...

    But I will take a look at the Gripen to check if it's a C/D or Gripen demo.