Thursday, 12 June 2014

Foxtrot Alpha: The Super Hornet is the best fighter for Canada.

There is a very good article over at Foxtrot Alpha stating that the Super Hornet would be the best fighter for Canada right now.

Be sure to check it out here.

I'm not convinced, but the author does ask all the right questions and gets all the facts right.  I'm not sure if he comes to the right conclusion however.  You can see my rebuttal in the comment section.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if the Gripen was an American fighter if Canadians would be so quick to dismiss it as an option. As well written as the article is, the author hardly spends any time to disqualify the Gripen. This makes me question if the author gave that alternative serious consideration. The unfortunate side effect of this oversight or lack of consideration is that it may lend uninformed readers to follow the same bias by default. I thought you had a great response in the comment section... I hope many people read it.

  2. Skydragon, one of the criticisms for Brazil selecting the Gripen was that is was too American. Apparently many of the components are supplied by the US including the GE power plant for the NG variant. Brazil declined the Boeing offering because of US interference and spying so picked the Gripen. Although, the Rafale was supposed to be the front runner because it is the least american and had sea versions to refit their aircraft carrier.
    Its really all just a political shell game to box in our thinking. As you say most Canadians believe we need to buy american. That's why if Boeing teamed up with SAAB to provide an interim/long term solution I think Canadians could really support it.

  3. Too American for some and not American enough for others it would seem. Thanks for reminding comment readers that the Gripen is mostly American made. Not to sound like a curmudgeon but SAAB and Boeing aiming for the deep pockets of US military as a primary customer for a future fighter solution might swing the SAAB objective away from cost controls and role flexibility which are vitally important to countries with smaller military budgets. (Canada) One would hope that wouldn't happen, but it is possible that the Gripen might be a better solution than a possible future joint venture. ((At least from the perspective of Canadian needs.)) Sometimes it seems that Canadian media and the "Tyler Rogoway's" hold a national American fighter pedigree as an ideal even if we are not choosing top of the line but an affordable but inferior option? Why should we turn a blind eye to non-American solutions when our budget objectives and needs have so little in common? This ideal is of limited use to us practically. I only hope there will be a competition and the powers that be pick the best solution for our needs objectively without bias. (( But wouldn't it be ironic for Brazilians if Canada were to select the Rafale with out having any aircraft carriers? ;))

  4. Shhhh, you shouldn't say that out load. Britain has a used aircraft carrier for sale

    Although, it may look nice dry docked next to the submarines.